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At Evolt, our core mission is to innovate for the future of health and fitness. The Evolt 360 scanner isn't simply a machine; it's a comprehensive solution designed to propel businesses and your members to new heights of engagement and success.

Engage members & attract new leads

At Evolt, we see the bigger picture.  We know that the Health & Fitness Industry requires a solution to keep members engaged and motivated.
From our client’s experiences over the last ten years, we know that over 90% of members who have had a Body Composition Scan, achieved their goals.
And over 60% of members became more engaged with their fitness program after obtaining a Body Composition Scan. 
Even better, our clients' increased profit by accessing the full range of business tools built into our technology.   
With over 5 million scans worldwide it's time to join the Evolt fitness revolution!



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Discover why the world's best brands are choosing the Evolt 360™ as their number one choice to accurately measure body composition.

Evolt 360

Using the insights dashboard, you can view your business analytics over single and multiple locations while also setting KPI’s to ensure you are generating the most income and member retention from your Evolt 360 scanner.

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By utilizing Evolt 360’s Dashboard Insights and Body Scanner App, your business will stand apart from the rest. Unparalleled repeatable data that is proven to elevate your brand’s awareness and presence.

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Backed by scientifically validated technology, the Evolt 360 Scanner and app offer business owners a fully digital solution to inspire & connect with customers. You can even track your customers risk of leaving with the Evolt Retention Risk Report. 

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Evolt 360’s ecosystem of products has proven to boost member engagement by sharing the tools needed to analyze each individual customers health markers and propose positive actions to improve health and lifestyle.

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Evolt are innovators in the body composition space, building the world’s first intuitive business platform to engage members.

Evolt is not just a body scanner, it’s an eco-system providing insights that allow your business to understand your customers and extend your offering through bespoke nutritional advice, as well as, functional and practical exercise protocols.

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Set up and streamline transformation challenges at the click of a button.

Once launched, you can overview group challenge results and pull individual progress reports instantly.

The live leaderboard view will help you and your team stay on top of your participants and increase member engagement by providing real-time data driven feedback.

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The Scan Report


In 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 Body Scanner gives users a full report of their body composition.

Customized Solutions Available

Our digital capability provides the unique ability to brand the Result Sheets for your business, achieving ultimate brand recognition. The reverse of the Result Sheet also provides advertising real estate for companion selling products and services.

Evolt 360 Completed Scan Result

*Nutrition and Supplement Sections are optional

Tailored Solutions
for Your Gym

  • Evolt offers flexible pricing options and payment plans tailored to different budgets

  • Long term value and return on investment

Evolt 360 Additional Revenue Streams For Your Health and Fitness Facility

How much revenue could you generate from the Evolt 360?

Body transformation challenges and regular body scans are two of the most powerful ways to engage your existing customers and draw more people into your health and fitness facility. Are you making the most of these opportunities?

Evolt 360 Transformation Challenges Potential Income


If you ran 4 Challenges per year, your annual revenue could be $12,000 by engaging your clients in challenges & regular scans, you would reduce attrition by 10% saving you a further $33,700

Evolt 360 Total Increase in Revenue


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According to IHRSA research, the revenue health club has an annual attrition rate of 28.6%. A health club member who doesn't renew a membership can cost a club $674 in annual revenue.

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Automated & Instant
Challenge Reports

Evolt 360 Generate Leads
Generate Leads

Promote challenge through external marketing, ask members to bring friends, email marketing internally to all members on your database.

Evolt 360 Increase Profit
Increase Profit

Challenge cost is $199 so 200 members or entries is $39800 in revenue for 8 weeks.

Evolt 360 Re engage members
Re engage members

Members who have not been in recently can be re-engaged with a simple phone call, signed up for your upcoming challenge and avoiding them from becoming a drop out.

Evolt 360 Market Insights
Use Evolt Insights to market results

Individual reports or overall report post challenge to showcase individual results or overall success showing you are the experts in your area.

Example Challenge

8 Week Summer Slimdown

- $199 Includes:

- 2 x Evolt Body Scans: $100 Value

- (Brand) Gym Towel: $20 Value

- (Brand) Shirt/Hoodie/Singlet: $50 Value

- (Brand) Nutrition Plan: $150 Value

- (Brand) Training Plan: $150 Value

Value $470 of value for only $199


Set up and streamline challenges at the click of a button
Overview group challenge results and reports
Instant live leaderboards and Individual progress reports

Evolt 360 Challenge Statistics


Evolt Insights

The World's Most Innovative Client Retention Software

Evolt 360 Brand Analytics
View your brands analytics and impact over single or multi location
Evolt 360 Results Focused Business
Capitalize on challenge results by showing you are a results focused business
Evolt 360 Generate More Income
Set scan KPI's to ensure you are generating the most income or retention from your Evolt 360 scanner
Evolt Retention Risk Report
Track your customers risk of leaving with the Evolt Retention Risk Report

Evolt 360 for Health and Fitness Industry


Evolt Owner and Marketing Portal

We are proud to support our Evolt owners with access to our Owner's Portal -- a hub where we give you the latest content, resources

Social Media + Marketing materials
Social Media + Marketing materials
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Evolt Zone Graphics
Education for Members
Education for Members
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Evolt 360 Dashboard
Evolt 360 Increase Member Tracking

Member Tracking

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Challenge Facilitation

Challenge Facilitation

Evolt 360 Member Engagement

Member Engagement

Evolt 360 Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue


Say goodbye to scales and measuring tapes. Give your clients the ability to see real-time results from their efforts.  Increasing their confidence in your service leading to higher retention rates, increased referrals and word of mouth, not to mention creating an exciting and fun culture in your fitness facility.

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Evolt 360 Attract New Members

Attract new members and new customers

Evolt 360 Increase Member Motivation and Retention

Increase member motivation and retention

Evolt 360 Increase Profitability

Increase profitably and facility turnover

Evolt 360 Reduce Cancellation and Facility Absence

Reduce cancellations and facility absence